The Alexander Technique class which I have taken this semester under Joanne Wills has given me a comprehensive and tested method of improving my kinesthetic awareness. Though the semester-long class was only an introduction it did introduce me to enough concepts of the Technique that I know I want to continue learning it for a very long time. I have observed improvements in my ability to focus on a specific task, my confidence on stage, and simply confidence in everyday situations.  There is something empowering about truly knowing your body or being kinesthetically present and aware.  The Alexander Technique is no longer a novelty in the world of Performing Arts, it is simply a necessity.

Damjan Rakonjac, Performing Arts Student


Joanne’s Alexander training has made an enormous difference in my life.  Before I began my lessons, I experienced almost constant back pain associated with scoliosis.  In just a few short sessions, I began to understand how I could control my skeleton and avoid habits that lead to pain.  Over the years, I have gained tools to help me walk, sit and exercise better.  I feel taller, more “graceful” and can enjoy being active.  Throughout each day, I hear her advice in my mind’s eye and take time to straighten up and be aware.

Jacqueline Kosecoff, PhD, Business Executive


My experience with the Alexander Technique is the glue that has kept me together despite years of orthopedic problems. I have suffered from cervical spine injuries including severe bouts of sciatica which have been much more manageable because of this work.  Long periods pass when I pass through them with more ease than ever before!  My posture has improved along with my mental outlook.

In all of my years of working with Alexander practitioners, I have received the most benefit in the shortest time with Joanne.  Her direction and touch transmit healing and sensitivity beyond description!

Sylvia Shap, Artist


Efficient movement is one of the keys to athletic success and improves the quality of life.  If you want help creating a better environment for yourself, you will take the Alexander Technique with Joanne.

Dr. Gary Sato, Chiropractor


Joanne is a clear and effective teacher.  She helped me to get focused and to bring conscious control into the feel of my golf swing.  My tight neck doesn’t bother me anymore and I continue to use the Alexander Technique daily to recognize and be freed of unnecessary tension.   

Gene Rasmussen, Golfer


As a Flight Attendant, I am constantly put in a position of stress and harm from all the physical activity.  I’ve learned how to accomplish the same tasks with less effort and no injury.  I no longer antagonize old injuries.  Now I think through my movements.  If you take the time to learn and utilize the Alexander Technique in your everyday life, you will overcome bad posture habits and greatly improve your lifestyle.

Dotti Child, Flight Attendant


I have enjoyed the Alexander Technique class with Joanne.  As a dancer, I always thought I had good sense of my body and understood how to use it to the best ability.  Oh, how thoroughly wrong I was.  I found that I was actually holding myself in ways that restricted my full potential as not only a dancer, but as a performer in general.  Since the class, I’ve been able to easily notice when I’m holding my body in ways that I don’t need to and work on them to be able to do what I need to do……The Alexander Technique definitely can help you discover what possibilities you can achieve.

Tyler A. Haygood, Performing Arts Student